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"Real" Pet Names
If you'd prefer a more conventional pet name, like Buddy, Hobo or Axel, have a look at this site, or this one. The first one is clean and simple, whereas the second allows you to search for names by pet color, attributes and so forth.

"People" Names
Do you want a "people" name for your pet? How about a Devilsaur named Fred, or a Nightsaber named Bob? Have a look at these sites here and here! You can search these by country of origin, gender and more, or browse the names alphabetically.

Mythological Names
Mythological names more your thing? Fenrus the wolf, or Jupiter the lion? Look here, here or here for various mythological and god names. The last link is also a good general site for names, with information on names and name meanings from around the world!

Other Names
Remember, you could always go with humor too. Pick one exaggerated feature and go with the opposite. Imagine a black Scorpid named Snowflake, a Spider named Fluffy or a Rhino named Tiny. And on that note, you can simply name your pet the name of another family. Everyone will notice if you run around with a Moth named Cat or a Ravager named Fish.

Restricted Names
Sometimes you may try to name your pet and get an error message telling you the name is Reserved. This doesn't mean someone else has the pet's name already; in fact, many people can use the same name for their pets. However, some names--due to copyright reasons or components that may be insulting to certain people--are Restricted Names. Examples include Yoshi, Blizzard and Skittles.

Hunter Resources
The Hunter Pet Bible! Petopia is an invaluable resource for any hunter. If you like hunter pets, are a hunter or have ever thought of creating one, you should definitely visit and bookmark this site. It has information on everything pet, including rare pets, spawn locations, pet family skills, pet talents and so forth. Hunter Talent Calculator: if you want to play with Hunter talents, here's where to go! Hunter Pet Talent Calculator: If you want to play with example Pet talent trees, here's where to go. Keep in mind you will need to know which Family your pet is in. For information on pet families, click here.


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